About the Lawrence Christmas Parade

What began in 1993 as one man’s idea to gather friends and spotlight the historic Eldridge Hotel in downtown Lawrence has grown to a nationally recognized all horse power event to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. From a humble beginning of 21 horse-drawn entries, the parade has hosted as many as 70 horse-powered vehicles paying tribute to the contribution of the horse in our transportation heritage.

The parade is managed by a group of Lawrence citizens and dedicated volunteers who spend many hours each year to organize, prepare accommodations, extend our hospitality and insure the safety of both entrants and spectators. It would take many pages to list all those who have contributed their time and energy over the years but they haven’t done it for recognition, only for love of the event. Sponsorships from local businesses, individuals and support from the City of Lawrence have provided the significant funding necessary for an event of this magnitude.

The Lawrence Old Fashioned Christmas Parade is all about memories, those from the past and hopefully creating new ones to carry home with us. Our goal is to take you back to a previous time, perhaps more simple in some ways but certainly more difficult in others. Horses made so many things possible for us in the past and it continues to amaze that something so large is willing to accept us as the leader and allow us to control their lives. Horses teach us so much about life; it’s not what’s in it for you but what you have to give that yields the greatest rewards. For those of us who feel the attraction and connection to horses, it lasts a lifetime and we all hope to have at least one with us forever.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help continue our Parade tradition, you can donate here:

or by check payable to “Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade” and mail to:

Lawrence Old Fashioned Christmas Parade
Lawrence Chamber of Commerce
718 New Hampshire Street
Lawrence, KS  66044

If you would like to become a Parade sponsor, please download and submit the Sponsorship Form.